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Modular evening courses

Our modular evening courses are a great way to build your skills and knowledge in short bite-sized chunks. Each module lasts just 1.5 hours and are taught in small groups by our experienced & fully qualified mechanics in our dedicated training workshop. Look out also for our Womens only sessions for a guarantee of no men in the building!

Know Your Bike!

Learning how your bike works & diagnosing faults is super important! We'll also give tips on how to keep your bike in top condition. Cost: £18

Fix a puncture

Get more independence and be able to confidently remove and replace wheels and inner tubes. You'll be able to teach your other half when you get back home! Cost: £18


You'll learn how to replace new brake pads and set these up for maximum efficiency as well as look out for wear and tear in these and your cables. Cost: £18


Learn the fine art of adjusting gears and gain guru status by those that don't! Cost: £18

Replacing cables

Strip out old brake and gear cables to give them clean shifting and smooth brake action. Cost: £22 (includes 1 x set of cables)

I've had a lot of experience with bikes, so thought I knew enough about bike workings to make me a competent mechanic, I was happy to discover that there was a LOT more to know, and the VelotechGold course run by Outspoken Cycles presented a lot of new knowledge in a clear and interesting way. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to gain more skills AND a qualification in good bike mechanics

Course Participant, Velotech Gold

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