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Getting around Cambridge

Pupils at St Marys school in central Cambridge have been enjoying the thrills of Bikeability Level 3 cycle training during their half-term holiday course.

Taking their already achieved Level 2 cycling skills to a higher level, the trainees were challenged to navigate their way around Cambridge’s busy city streets with high levels of traffic and complex road layouts and junctions.

Communicating and sharing space is vital when cycling in Cambridge due to the vast number of cyclists on the streets and the Year 7 & 8 pupils demonstrated excellent levels of confidence and maturity.

Using roundabouts, filtering past queuing traffic, and understanding advanced road positioning were just some of the key learning points covered during the 3-hour session, delivered by Outspoken Training’s team of National Standard Instructors.

It was clear from the feedback from all involved that Bikeability Level 3 training really does achieve the overall aim of Bikeability - ‘more people cycling, more safely, more often'.

Trainees Chloe, Charlotte and Gerri were buzzing after the training and said:

  • “I loved the roundabouts the most, they were really challenging but fun to do”
  • I feel good about knowing where to position myself on the road to keep me visible to others
  • Our instructor Steve was really friendly and so helpful with his explanations


It wasn’t only the trainees that were feeling good after the training, instructor Nancy said - “I love how the transition from Level 2 to Level 3 gives the trainees the ability to take more ownership of their journeys and helps develop this key life skill”.

Creating sustainable active travel to school is so important for many reasons, especially where space outside the school is limited. The importance of this was reflected by Teacher Alex Cardwell’s comments – “It gives the pupils independence to cycle to school more often and helps ease the congestion around the schools, it’s great!” – Alex Cardwell (Teacher)

A big thank you goes to Cambridgeshire County Council for securing the funds for Outspoken Training to deliver this Bikeability training.

For more information on our holiday training, please visit our 'Children's Cycle Training' web page. 

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