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Our aim is to inspire people with a love of cycling by giving them the confidence and skill to ride more often.

Bikelife Whole School Projects

Our exciting programme to get more families cycling to school

Cycling Activities for Schools

Sign up to an after school cycling club, or one of the many other activities we run in schools

CPC Driver training

Accredited driver training courses for professionals throughout the Eastern region

Adult Cycle Training

One to one cycle training in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Peterborough and Northamptonshire

New! Cargo-bike training

Find your freedom with a cargo bike and boost your skills with this great training

Adult Cycle Training in Lincs

Cycle training courses to boost your confidence in Lincolnshire, subsidised by Access LN6 and iCount

The training showed and explained to me how as a bicycle, my role was to do what made it safe for me rather than just keeping out of the way of cars. It made replaced the feeling of confusion that I have previously had whilst cycling with one of empowerment. I am sure that this will make cycling a far more enjoyable activity for me. I have now gone out and bought a bike.

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